Sunday, February 8, 2015

Window and door update

Not much to update since Wednesday, the Amish crew worked a half day on Thursday and have not been back since. We are at a standstill until the electrician gets his work completed and the windows arrive on the 19th. Most of the electrical is complete but one new outlet needs to be fitted into pipe in the cold air return to meet code. I cannot believe how many outlets we will have! Our old kitchen had 4 and 2 of the 4 were not accessible. We also added a pantry light, outside light and new fan cannot wait to see those. It's been a challenge keeping the kids and dog out of the construction zone and Gus seems to have a taste for insulation.  We filled up 2 Bagsters today with debris and hopefully picked up tomorrow by Waste Management so we don't look like the "trash" of the street - pun intended.
The picture above is the view from the outside the white window is becoming a door that opens out to the deck and the small window will be the start of the new wall of windows facing the back yard.

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