Monday, February 23, 2015

Moving right along

Big day! Windows are in along with most cabinets. Tomorrow should bring more excitement yay!

Sunday, February 22, 2015


here are the new kitchen plans realized these were never posted

Black cloud

It seems as the black cloud has not lifted but is now on the outside of our house.....
In the past few weeks we have experienced:
1 emergency room visit with stitches
Removal of the stitches on the ride home without parents knowing
1 urgent care visit with glue
3 regular doc visits
A rash from medication 
Possible ear tubes displacement this is TBD 
A fire alarm at Great Wolf caused by a broken water main on the coldest night of the year
A broken furnace also on the coldest night of the year

The truck came Friday to deliver the cabinets and windows, it was a box truck with one driver. After 45 minutes maneuvering in reverse he finally made it! Tim helped unload and the girls and I were off. Well upon leaving he ended up in the ravine that runs under the driveway. Hopefully the trees are ok but need to wait till spring to determine damage. Other than this experience Mentor Lumber has been great and I highly recommend. 

Thursday, February 19, 2015


After a long weekend of no construction we are back at it. We had fun at Great Wolf Lodge in celebration of Ashley's no thumb sucking for a whole month! Came home Monday to a broken furnace, thankfully it was fixed Tuesday afternoon and no burst pipes.

On Valentines day the electrician was here for most of the day and again Monday from 2-8. The Amish crew came Tuesday and Thursday and will be back Monday 2/23. Cabinets, door and windows will be delivered tomorrow morning! The measurement for the countertops is Thursday 2/26 so the base cabinets have to be in by then. The countertop instal is 3/11 and its starting to feel like the end is in sight although still mid March before we can really get excited.

On Tuesday the drywall went up and pantry built and today the ceiling was painted and texturized. We had to build out the soffit above the fridge to allow for the wood piece to fit so that was also completed. Tim will be painting himself although that's the least of our concerns we haven't discussed colors at all. I just want my sink and dishwasher back!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Window and door update

Not much to update since Wednesday, the Amish crew worked a half day on Thursday and have not been back since. We are at a standstill until the electrician gets his work completed and the windows arrive on the 19th. Most of the electrical is complete but one new outlet needs to be fitted into pipe in the cold air return to meet code. I cannot believe how many outlets we will have! Our old kitchen had 4 and 2 of the 4 were not accessible. We also added a pantry light, outside light and new fan cannot wait to see those. It's been a challenge keeping the kids and dog out of the construction zone and Gus seems to have a taste for insulation.  We filled up 2 Bagsters today with debris and hopefully picked up tomorrow by Waste Management so we don't look like the "trash" of the street - pun intended.
The picture above is the view from the outside the white window is becoming a door that opens out to the deck and the small window will be the start of the new wall of windows facing the back yard.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Ceiling came down on Tuesday and old cabinets went up in laundry room. The old cabinets fit perfectly on the wall and Tim and I moved the base cabinets next to washer/dryer. We still need to fit the mini fridge in the laundry room cabinet and buy a cheap Formica top for in there but for now it's fine.
On Wednesday the windows came out of kitchen and the new window frames went in, also the walk in pantry was framed. Some bad news on the pantry door, Tims door is too big the new space is 24" and his is 27" he could cut some off but with the design on the door it will look weird.  The soffit also has to stay, theres too many vents and wires hidden inside but hopefully the new kitchen will look so amazing you will not notice. The electrician is not available till Saturday but with the ceiling down I am hopeful he will finish quickly. Windows not due in till 2/19 and cabinets after that.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Demo complete

Day began at 6:30 Tim hurried out to snowblow the drive and I hurried to unload the last dishwasher load and pack away in basement. Kids up by 7 and crew arrived by 7:30.  All demo completed and we are down to bare bones.  No hardwood floors hiding under the carpet...sad face. Vent to upstairs bedroom needs rerouted due to new windows and breakfast bar area has plumbing in wall, other than that we are in good shape. Electrician came for a few hours tonight to turn off power in main kitchen area. Plan for tomorrow is frame the wall for new windows and start pantry. We survived day one! Some before and now pics...

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