Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Ceiling came down on Tuesday and old cabinets went up in laundry room. The old cabinets fit perfectly on the wall and Tim and I moved the base cabinets next to washer/dryer. We still need to fit the mini fridge in the laundry room cabinet and buy a cheap Formica top for in there but for now it's fine.
On Wednesday the windows came out of kitchen and the new window frames went in, also the walk in pantry was framed. Some bad news on the pantry door, Tims door is too big the new space is 24" and his is 27" he could cut some off but with the design on the door it will look weird.  The soffit also has to stay, theres too many vents and wires hidden inside but hopefully the new kitchen will look so amazing you will not notice. The electrician is not available till Saturday but with the ceiling down I am hopeful he will finish quickly. Windows not due in till 2/19 and cabinets after that.

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