Sunday, February 22, 2015

Black cloud

It seems as the black cloud has not lifted but is now on the outside of our house.....
In the past few weeks we have experienced:
1 emergency room visit with stitches
Removal of the stitches on the ride home without parents knowing
1 urgent care visit with glue
3 regular doc visits
A rash from medication 
Possible ear tubes displacement this is TBD 
A fire alarm at Great Wolf caused by a broken water main on the coldest night of the year
A broken furnace also on the coldest night of the year

The truck came Friday to deliver the cabinets and windows, it was a box truck with one driver. After 45 minutes maneuvering in reverse he finally made it! Tim helped unload and the girls and I were off. Well upon leaving he ended up in the ravine that runs under the driveway. Hopefully the trees are ok but need to wait till spring to determine damage. Other than this experience Mentor Lumber has been great and I highly recommend. 

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